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When a “Simple Will” is Not-So-Simple

Many people think all they need is a “simple” will.  But more often than not, a simple will is not adequate to meet the needs and desires of our clients.


Making plans for what you want to happen in the event you become disabled or pass away is never pleasant.  Throw in discussions of complex tax consequences and legal jargon and, well, it’s no wonder people procrastinate in making an estate plan.


We understand that you want to get your affairs in order as quickly and painless as possible.  But a “simple will” might not be the best fit for you and your loved ones.


When it comes down to it, many people are unsure of what they really need in their estate plan. That’s why we offer a Free Estate Planning consultation* - so you can get professional, legal advice tailored to your individual situation.


Our Estate Planning Attorneys can help you understand & think through:


  • Wills and the probate process
  • The benefits of a living trusts
  • Taxes: how to avoid them or pay less
  • Choosing a guardian for your minor children
  • Living wills, powers of attorney and advance medical directives
  • Marshaling and protecting retirement assets
  • Keeping your money “all in the family” for children from a previous marriage


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How Long Does it Take to Set Up an Estate Plan

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What if I Already Have an Estate Plan?

 *The Free Estate Plan Consultation with the Law Offices of Hoy & Sahlas, Ltd. is up to 45 minutes in length and is a one-time offer to an individual if single, or to a couple if married. We offer convenience and flexibility in location for those in need, but the consultation will be at a mutually agreeable location if it is not to be at our law offices in Oak Brook, Illinois. We offer convenience and flexibility as to the time and date of a consultation, but the consultation will be at an agreeable date and time as our attorneys are available. 
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