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What to Bring to Your Estate Plan Consultation

For your initial FREE Estate Plan Consultation, you are not required to bring anything. 


Be thinking about: 

  • what you own;
  • who you want to receive your possessions;
  • who you want to put in charge of your estate;
  • whether you will leave something to your favorite charities;
  • if you have children, who you would name as their guardian in the event that you and your spouse (if applicable) pass away;
  • who you would name to handle your healthcare decisions and financial decisions if you ever became disabled.


If you have estate planning documents and asset information on hand, it would be helpful to bring the following:

  • Originals of your current estate plan [Wills, Trust(s), Codicils, Amendments, Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, etc.] if applicable;
  • A spreadsheet of your assets;
  • Copies of your asset statements (bank accounts, retirement accounts, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, life insurance policies);
  • Copy of your Deed or Title Insurance Policy to your home and any other real estate you own;
  • Name and contact information of your financial planner(s)/advisor(s);
  • A list of your valuable, personal property (e.g. collections, artwork, jewelry, vehicles, etc.);
  • Information on any business interests you own;
  • Any other asset information you believe might be helpful.