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The Law Offices of Hoy & Sahlas handled my house closing, and I could never ask for better attorneys. They were on time with all the papers and tied up all the loose ends. They were professional, but also friendly and personable. I highly recommend them.”  Darlene - Chicago, Illinois


“Thank you so much for your legal, professional assistance in selling our home. It was a real ordeal for me and you made it an easier process for me & my family.”  Leta - Chicago, Illinois


“Thank you so much for your excellent work on helping us close on both homes.  My wife and I really appreciate you - you really went out of your way to make everything go so smoothly.  I’m going to miss working with you. Thanks again!” Brian & Beth - Oak Park, Illinois


“We wanted to thank all of you for the enormous effort you put in to helping us get our home.  We love it!  Thanks again for a job well done.” Seth & Kim - western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois


“This letter is to express my appreciation for your cooperation in connection with the sale of real estate.  The role of a Realtor is so much simpler in matters of this type when the attorney is as familiar as you were with this real estate transaction.” Ann - real estate agent, Homewood, Illinois


“This is just a quick note to say thanks for helping us with our new home purchase in Oak Park.  The closing went very smoothly - and we very much appreciate all your efforts in making it so.  You very patiently and thoroughly explained all the documentation, leaving us feeling knowledgeable and comfortable.  Thanks so much again, and we hope you have a prosperous new year.” Jason & Jennifer - Oak Park, Illinois


“Thank you both very much for all your dedicated and professional help with the closing of my home. You both helped me feel at ease in a very stressful situation!” Garry - La Grange, Illinois


I have worked with Colleen on a real estate closings and she did an outstanding job each time.  Her professionalism is shown in her preparation, organization and vast knowledge.  Colleen was so helpful to the clients and she always stayed on top of things during the closing process to ensure everything went smoothly.  I would highly recommend Colleen to anyone.  We have a great working relationship and I know I can count on her services and I never worry for my client.” Andrew, Real Estate Agent - Chicago, Illinois


“First of all, thank you for getting the deal closed. I appreciate the good work you do.  In this last year there have been several complex situations, all of which you resolved in good fashion.  Thanks again.”  John, seasoned Real Estate Agent - Oak Park, Illinois


“I was very pleased with your firm’s work on my condo purchase and I was confident that all the documents and related materials were accurate and well-executed. It’s never my plan to need lots of interaction with attorneys, but when I do need one, I want to be comfortable knowing that my attorney is legally savvy and capable and also human and caring. I felt that when I worked with you.” Elizabeth - Chicago, Illinois

Our Services for Residential Real Estate

Photo taken by Colleen L. Sahlas
If you’ve signed a Contract to buy real estate, then you need a lawyer.  Many mistakenly assume they need only a Real Estate Agent.  Numerous legal issues arise when buying a home.    
Our real estate lawyers at the Law Offices of Hoy & Sahlas, LLC. can provide the following services: 
  1. Reviewing potential problems with title & survey, for example:
    • unpaid property taxes or assessments 
    • encroachments
    • easements and rights of way 
    • building set-back lines
    • governmental assessments
    • special service areas
    • homestead rights 
    • liens
    • lawsuits
    • judgments
    • foreclosure suits
    • unpermitted exceptions
    • building code violations 
    • governmental violations
    • restrictions which interfere with your use of the property
  2. Helping you meet your many contract deadlines;
  3. Ensuring that you receive good, merchantable title;
  4. Advising you of your legal rights, risks & obligations in your contract;
  5. Advocating for changes in the contract which protect you;
  6. Negotiating the inspection items on your behalf;
  7. Obtaining and reviewing your final, written, unconditional loan commitment;
  8. Making sure you get all the condominium association documents as per Illinois law;
  9. Negotiating any final walk-through defects on your behalf;
  10. Attending the closing with you;
  11. Reviewing for accuracy documents prepared by the Title Company and Seller’s Attorney;
  12. Explaining your closing documents to you, which usually is hundreds of pages.

Why Choose the ILLINOIS REAL ESTATE LAWYERS at The Law Offices of Hoy & Sahlas, LLC.?

  • WE HAVE EXPERIENCE IN REAL ESTATE LAW. Real estate has always been one of the main focuses of our firm’s practice. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Hoy & Sahlas, LLC. have combined experience of 45+ years. Each of our attorneys has handled hundreds of residential real estate closings.  One of our real estate attorneys, Colleen L. Sahlas, has trained Realtors on various changes in the law with real estate transactions.  Ms. Sahlas has also written articles to attorneys advising them on real estate law in the Illinois State Bar Association Real Property Newletter and been quoted in Illinois Bar Journal regarding the attorney’s role in a real estate transaction.  To read further about the qualifications of the Illinois real estate attorneys at the Law Offices of Hoy & Sahlas, LLC., visit our Attorney Profiles page.
  • WE OFFER A HIGH QUALITY OF SERVICE. Read what our clients say about our services on our testimonials page.
  • WE HAVE AN EXCELLENT REPUTATION. We’ve gained a positive reputation amongst numerous satisfied clients, Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Brokers alike.  Read what our clients and other professionals have to say about us on our testimonials page.
  • WE HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF CHANGING REAL ESTATE LAWS, LOCAL RULES & CUSTOMS. Our practice has been located in the western suburbs and has focused in the area of real estate law for 30+ years, so we know the local rules & customs. 

Read testimonials from our clients.

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