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When a Loved One Passes Away

Probate, Decedent’s Estates and Trust Administration

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Estate Planning

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Estate Planning (Trust & Will)
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What are the Benefits of a Living Trust?

Watch Attorney David E. Hoy explain the benefits of a living trust 

15 Good Reasons to Set Up a Living Trust 

When a “Simple Will” is Not-So-Simple

Top Excuses for Estate Planning Procrastination

How long does it take to set up an Estate Plan?
Do You Need an Estate Plan?
Relationship Breakups & Getting Legal Documents in Order
What to Bring to Your Initial Consultation with our Oak Brook Estate Planning Attorneys
Do You Need to Update Your Estate Plan?
Deciding if Your Kid is Trust-Worthy
’Living trust’ Transfers Property Without Probate
Transferring Assets into Your Living Trust - our Oak Brook Estate Planning Attorneys Can Help

FAQs: After You’ve Created Your Estate Plan

Powers of Attorney, Living Wills and Advance Directives

Avoiding Probate

Poor Substitutes for a Proper Estate Plan:



Starting a Business in Chicagoland


Real Estate Purchase or Sale

Buying or Selling a Home
Buying or Selling a Home 


Mortgages and Related

After Your Purchase Closing
After Your Purchase Closing - FAQs 














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