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Heirs of an estate are entitled to information about the estate and may be entitled to inherit monies from the estate.  It is wise for beneficiaries of a will or a trust to obtain legal representation to protect their legal rights and to advocate on their behalf.

If you are an heir of an estate or a beneficiary under a will or trust of a decedent, hire the Illinois decedent’s estate administration and probate attorneys at The Law Offices of Hoy & Sahlas, Ltd.  Our knowledgable and experienced attorneys will advocate for your rights, communicate on your behalf with the personal representive’s attorney, obtain copies of all documentation you are entitled to receive, and discover when the monies are to be distributed, and advocate for you to receive all monies to which you are entitled.  We can review on your behalf important legal documents including the Will, Trust (if any), the inventory of assets, the Final Report, the accounting, filed court pleadings and advise you regarding the same.  We can review and advise you of your rights before you sign any waiver, receipt or other legally binding document in relation to the estate matter.

Contact our Illinois decedent’s estate administration and probate attorneys at The Law Offices of Hoy & Sahlas, Ltd. at (630) 575-0400